At ACH we specialise in
the DUROC pig breed

We have been genetically selecting the best Duroc pig specimens for more than 20 years so you can enjoy the best fresh pork cuts and processed products.

This specialisation is present in all the process: from the breeding to the end product

Nuestras 3 marcas de cerdo Duroc, así lo demuestran:

Chico Duroc is our fresh pork brand originating from the best Duroc.

La Granja de Chico has has a wide range of Duroc and Iberian cured products.

Afinado, represents our Iberian pork cured sausages.

Duroc, our
best pigs

The Duroc breed is very much ours. Due to its great meat quality we have been crossbreeding the best Duroc and Iberian specimens for years.

And it is so because we started to work with it before it became trendy.

The red-haired pig
is fashionable

Tastier and tenderer pork (with a greater marbling score).

Special conditions for the best cured hams and loins. Perfect for both the production of Iberian and white pig breeds through crossbreeding.

Why is the Duroc
pig fashionable?

Because of its hardiness. Its meat has a great
amount of infiltered fat (marbling).

Very suitable for its transformation into cured hams and loins. It is present in the best serrano ham Protected Designations of Origin (PDOs). Because of its genetic quality, the Duroc is an ideal breed for crossbreeding with the best Iberian pig PDOs.

Top-quality pork, perfect for the manufacturing of fresh products such as the secreto, belly…

Duroc select pork

Most of the Iberian pork products are obtained from animals resulting from the crossbreeding between an Iberian sow and a Duroc boar. Only the 100% (purebred) Iberian pigs do not share this crossbreeding, and this is not by chance!

The greater the presence of the Duroc breed, the juicier and the better the pork quality in the end product.

The Duroc pig:

pork that tastes like pork

The Duroc pig is used to improve the meat quality when crossbred with other breeds. With the Duroc pork, thanks to its greater degree of infiltered fat (marbling) we get pork to taste like it should: like pork. It is ideal for complementing the virtues of other breeds.

At Hermanos Chico it is crossbred both with Iberian pigs and with our special selection of white pig breeds, giving, as a result, pork with a unbeatable flavour that is characterised by its dark pink colour, juiciness and unique aroma.

The greater marbling of the meat makes that the prime cuts (hams, loins and shoulders) are better for processing and consuming as cured products produced by La Granja de Chico

The Duroc’s fresh pork is also tastier and tenderer because of this greater degree of marbling.

Duroc quality

at home

At Hermanos Chico and against the trend in the Spanish market at that time, we decided to start, more than 15 years ago, producing this special breed to improve the meat quality of our products.

Also, at Cárnicas Chico and Hermanos Chico the special and careful nutrition of our animals, especially based on high-quality cereals from the Castilian meseta and the high weight (more than 120 kg liveweight) at which our pigs are slaughtered, highlight even more these special characteristics of the DUROC breed.

In this way we get to guarantee the best quality in the products that you take home with you. The greater the presence of the Duroc breed, the juicier and the greater the meat quality of the end product.