Duroc labelling and Animal welfare, quality certifications

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At Agroalimentaria Chico we are very proud of having obtained two of the most important certifications in the pig sector:

These certifications are the recognition for a job well done, thanks to the implication of all the staff and the fact of having a well-defined mission: Produce pork products in a sustainable way, innovating in all the processes of the value chain and always respecting animal welfare and the environment.

Both seals have a validity of three years, but we will have a yearly monitoring audit to guarantee that we perform our task correctly, so we keep the certifications.


IAWS animal welfare certification 


What is IAWS?


It is the certification seal created by INTERPORC to endorse the good practices carried out in terms of animal welfare, health, biosecurity, animal management and traceability in all the steps of the white pig/pork value chain in Spain.


The IAWS seal assures the consumer that the product that they are going to purchase and consume has been produced with the maximum guarantees in terms of animal welfare and safety.

Its goal is to guarantee to the consumer that the pork products identified with this seal derive from economic operators that have fulfilled the requirements established by INTERPORC regarding animal welfare, biosecurity and traceability through its Technical Regulations, that safeguard the fulfilment of the five animal welfare principles or freedoms established by the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH/OIE):


  • Animals free from hunger, thirst and malnutrition
  • Animals free from fear and distress
  • Animals free from physical or thermal discomfort
  • Animals free from pain, injury or disease
  • Animals free to express normal behaviour


sello iaws interporc



This certification is issued depending on the kind of farm: breeders, nurseries and fattening farms.

S.A.T. HNOS. CHICO S.L. received the certification regarding the 3 production stages on 25 February 2021.



Our Duroc pigs measure up to the highest demands of the consumers.



Duroc Labelling Self-Monitoring Program 


What is the PAED?


The PAED is a voluntary program to monitor the labelling of Duroc pigs. It includes all the steps in the food chain, from animal production to the production of pork and pork products.

It is the property of the Asociación Nacional de Productores de Ganado Porcino (ANPROGAPOR, Spanish National Pig Producers’ Association), the Asociación Nacional de Criadores de Ganado Porcino Selecto (ANPS, Spanish National Association of Select Swine Producers) and the Federación Empresarial de Carnes e Industrias Cárnicas (FECIC, Spanish Meat and Meat Plants Business Federation).


sello paed duroc ahc


This certification is based on the verification of the traceability: in our case (our 50% Duroc pigs) from the insemination of the shows to the slaughter of the pigs, so we can prove that the pigs sent to the abattoir are 50% Duroc and that they belong to a specific genetic batch, formed when the piglets are weaned and that originates from shows inseminated with semen from 100% Duroc boars.


Currently, there are only 4 companies in Spain with the Duroc Labelling Self-Monitoring Program certification, and they are companies that committed to the voluntary program for the control of the Duroc labelling.


One of these 4 companies is S.A.T HNOS CHICO S.L., that obtained the certification on 2 March 2021.



We keep on improving and working with a single aim: to feed families with the best products from our region, paying atention to all the details.