Proud of our ACH family

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Agroalimentaria Chico is a company committed to its community and its employees. They are basic: they are our family.

We are proud of them, and now this great family is more united than ever to face the health crisis caused by the COVID-19.

La labor que realizamos desde S.A.T, Hermanos Chico Galindo and Cárnicas Chico, is an essential industrial activity, and therefore we keep on working hard so the supply chain does not break by ensuring the supply of fresh meat to the families that live in all the towns and cities in Spain.

Hermanos Chico Galindo ACH

We guarantee the safety of all our workers and the quality of our products.

We want to send a message of hope to all those who are going through difficult moments and to show our solidarity with all the professionals: policemen/policewomen, health care staff, superstore and petrol station workers… as well as with the workers in our sector: producers, shippers, distributors in the agri-food industry.

Thanks to your dedication, commitment and courage, for giving the best in you so we can all move forward.

With the effort of us all and by keeping together we will overcome anything.