The digitalisation of ACH, Hermanos Chico Galindo

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At ACH we know that the future of companies lies on their digitalisation. This is why we have faced the challenge of digital transformation starting with the digitalisation of Hermanos Chico Galindo.

It is a process that entails changes in the way of working, and the involvement of all the ACH family has been basic to reach success in this project.


Why to digitalise Hermanos Chico Galindo 


At Hermanos Chico Galindo we deliver fresh Duroc pork to many national meat companies and industries and several international markets through our brand Chico Duroc.

Due to the new needs of the clients and markets, with changing product demands, at Hermanos Chico Galindo it became necessary to implement a defragmentation process to:

  • Have information regarding the production process available in real time that allowed to make decisions in real time and know and improve the productivity.
  • Be ahead and efficient in front of these new needs.


cinta hermanos chico galindo


Hermanos Chico Galindo and Activa Industria 4.0 Program 


IVA Industria 4.0 is a specialised and customised counselling program carried out by accredited consultancies with experience in the implementation of Industria 4.0 projects, that is conducted with the methodology developed by the General Secretariat of Industry and of the Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses.

programa activa industria


Thanks to the carrying out of the Activa Industria 4.0 program we were able to accomplish the following actions:


  • Execution of a project of digitalisation of plant processes. We saw that that was the most relevant project for our staff at ACH after a previous discussion at all the levels in the company in which we put people at the heart of this technological change.


  • Selection of a technological partner as a support in the management of the project. It helped us with new work methods to organise and develop the digital projects. It provided us with a new approach to face digital transformation.



Which were our needs? 


  • To control production at the plant and obtain information in real time: indicators that facilitate a quick decision making process.
  • Eliminate paper to increase the production time and minimise the time for the treatment and management of the information.
  • Keep the control of the traceability of the raw materials and the products, from the entry of carcasses, production, storage and the shipping to the client.

jamones hermanos chico galindo


Through this analysis and work together with the EOI (Escuela de Organización Industrial) we examined all the processes that were part of the control of the processes at the plant: receipt, production and shipping. With the help of our technological partner we discussed with the staff all the processes of the project and we discovered several options for improvement.

We reconsidered our processes and improved them with new added tools that changed our way of working, such as:

  • Dynamic scales.
  • Different weighing points.
  • New hardware
  • Incorporation of mobile devices for the reading of labels with barcodes.


Benefits from digitalisation


After implementing the Activa Industria 4.0 Program into the project for the digitalisation of processes at the plant, we obtained the following benefits:


  • Elimination of paper and the digitalisation of data: quality and safety of the data.
  • Integration between the different systems and scales: information in real time.
  • Availability of production efficiency indicators and of reports for the making of decisions. BI.
  • Generation and management of process warnings and alerts.
  • Management and treatment of the traceability of the products.
  • Control of losses in the production processes.
  • Make the use of the systems easier for the employees through mobile devices.
  • Starting point for the improvement of other digital processes.


It is essential that the digitalisation processes improve the quality of the work of our staff at the plant and that we imply all of them in the digital transformation. It is a team work.

After the success of this project, we have started the transformation at our livestock company SAT.

We bet for digitalisation. It is worth it.