Collaboration with WD Energía: commitment with energy sustainability

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Our commitment to energy and environmental sustainability drives us to innovate every day to make our farms more sustainable and efficient.

Due to this we started 2020 collaborating with WD Energía, one of the leading companies in the installation of energy self-consumption projects. We share common values such as honesty, innovation and social responsibility.

We are both interested in protecting the environment so the current and future generations enjoy a better world.


WD Energía 

WD Energía is a company devoted to the creation, design, installation and management of renewable energies projects to render services to all those companies that wish to reduce their carbon footprint and become a clean and sustainable business.

WD Energía is the official distributor in Europe for Suntech-Power, the number one company at a global level in terms of self-consumption projects, as well as being one of the leading companies in the photoelectric cells, solar panels and R&D in renewable energies markets.

We share common values such as honesty, innovation and social responsibility.


ACH’s commitment

Taking care of the surroundings of our workplaces is the basis of our development, and taking care of our land is also an honour. We want to give back to our land everything that it gives to us in spades, and we face that responsibility with collaborations such as this one with WD Energía.

They will take care of the installation of our sustainable energy self-consumption projects on our Duroc pigs farms. They are systems for the production of solar energy that will provide us with 1000% clean energy.

We are committed to sustainability. And you?

If you are also interested in producing clean, safe and renewable energy, please contact Mr. Javier Li at or dial 917224877.