Nothing from pigs goes to waste

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Nothing from pigs goes to waste. Spanish speakers are very familiar with this saying. We make the best use of all the products obtained from pigs, even of their trotters.

It is impossible to become tired of pork, whether roasted, grilled, stewed, barbequed or cured (like in the case of cured ham and cured sausages).

You will enjoy the best fresh pork cuts provided by our brand Chico Duroc and our high-quality processed products range La Granja de Chico.

Pork pleases our palate, and from the nutritional viewpoint it is a lean meat rich in high biological value proteins. It contains 20 grams of protein per 100 grams of meat, fats, vitamins (B2, B6, B12 and niacin) and minerals.

Keep on reading and you will find out about all the cuts obtained from the Duroc pig breed.


What pork cuts are there?

We are huge fans of pork obtained from the Duroc breed, and we will tell you about the most frequent cuts used when cooking, and about other not so popular cuts, but equally tasty that you very probably did not know about.

You will become real experts in this subject.


pig partes cerdo


Butt (shoulder) or shoulder ribs

These cuts are located in the upper area of the animal’s neck, between the head and the loin. Their fat content is greater than that of the chops and ribs (back ribs and spareribs), and therefore, they are tenderer. These cuts are lean, tender and they have fat. They are ideal for cooking once battered, stewing and for minced meat


It includes the ears (cartilaginous and delicious both stewed or grilled), the snout (gelatinous and very tasty whether stewed or fried), the mask (perfect for barbeques and stews), and the tongue (it is used as an accompaniment in stews and cured sausages).


They are especially juicy and are located in the lower area of the jaws. They stand out because of their intramuscular fat infiltration (marbling) and their juiciness. Their meat is delicious and melts in your mouth. They can be roasted or chargrilled, but their quality is better appreciated when stewed.


They come from the upper part of the pig (the back ribs), and they include the loin + the bones. Their meat is free from tendons and nerves. They are divided into the shoulder, loin and kidney area ribs. They are perfect for sharing a barbeque with friends!


It is located in the area where the two main bones of the leg meet (elbow). It is one of the pork cuts that is stewed, because it contains tendons and nerves, and it needs a long cooking process so it becomes tender.

Ribs or rib rack

Juicy and not thick meat that covers and is attached to the lower part of the ribs. It is a perfect mix between lean and fatty pork. They are very tasty and are the star ingredient in traditional stews. They can be chargrilled, roasted and chopped (for stews).


It is the star product from pigs. It is the most valued and prized cut. It is globally known as a cured product obtained from the rear legs, and all of it is put to good use: slices, shavings, dices and the bone (used for making broth). The hams that are not cured are normally roasted or grilled. You surely are a fan of our La Granja de Chico cured hams.

Lagarto (Lizard)

Do you know it? It is a thin and long cut found in the rib area, beside the ribs. We recommend consuming it grilled, chargrilled or with garlic, with a little salt and nothing more. Try our Chico Duroc lagarto and tell us what was it like.


It is a long cut located beside the ribs, in the lumbar region of the animal. It is one of the lean cuts, this meaning that it contains little fat, but it keeps a good flavour. It is delicious stuffed, filleted, chargrilled, grilled or cooked in sauce.

Lean trimmings

They are a very popular and versatile cut because of their energy content and pleasant flavour. They contain little fat and have a greater protein content than other cuts. It is, in general, a tender meat that you can enjoy minced, stewed, roasted or even barbequed.


They are the pigs’ front feet. They include a fair amount of bone, and this gives them a gelatinous texture. They are delicious on their own, and they are also consumed stewed, like the tail.

Collar / Neck end

It is the front area of the loin. It is a cut with quite a lot of intramuscular and intermuscular fat, ideal for chargrilling, grilling, frying or roasting. Do you know our Chico Duroc collar?


It is the pig’s front leg. It has a greater bone proportion than ham and it is smaller. It is usually more aromatic, and its flavour is sweeter than that of the ham, although its curing process is the same. From its upper region (the armpit of the pig) we obtain the secreto.


It is one of the fattiest pork cuts obtained from the lower part of the animal. It is much used in traditional cuisine and it is the queen of barbeques. You can also fry it. The thick fried rashers (torreznos) and the smoked bacon/belly bacon are obtained thanks to other processing methods.


It contains a great amount of fat, so it is really juicy. It is a subcutaneous fat layer found beneath the pig’s chin. It is very cheap and it is used in stews and chargrilled.

Pluma (Feather)

This is a small and triangular cut obtained from the rear area of the loin. It is very tasty and it has an excellent texture and quality.

Presa or bola (Chuck)

This cut is located above the shoulder. It is the upper and front area of the loin. It has a great amount of fat, this making it very juicy. It is used for making delicious cured products such as the Iberian small cured loin or the morcón.


It is a cut made up of the last vertebrae of the animal (the tail). It is a very tasty and tender cut that can be used in stews or that can be fried or chargrilled. It is also a typical tapa in some areas of Spain.

Secreto (Secret)

Its name is due to the butchers saving this cut for themselves, because it is the most exquisite cut. It is hidden in the pig’s armpit and it is recognisable because of its fat streaks, that make it very juicy ad confer it an excellent texture. Enjoy it as thin grilled or chargrilled fillets.


It is located beside the lumbar ribs. It is a long, round and very appreciated cut despite its small size because of its texture, aroma and flavour. It is ideal for eating it whole or filleted, whether roasted or stewed. Have you cooked our juicy Chico Duroc sirloin?



We always offer you the best Chico Duroc fresh pork cuts and the excellent La Granja de Chico processed products, so you can enjoy the exquisite flavour of our extraordinary pork products.

Which is your favourite cut and how do you cook it?