Duroc pork for a healthy diet

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The close relationship between health and diet is obvious. A healthy nutrition model is key to keep a good health. Therefore, it is essential to consume high-quality animal protein, without which a healthy diet would not be guaranteed: high-quality proteins such as those provided by Duroc pork.


What are proteins? 

Proteins are macromolecules that are essential for the correct functioning of the body whose main purpose is the synthesis and repairing of the body structures.

Meat/pork is mainly composed of proteins valued for their high quality because of their amino acid profile and, in particular, for its high proportion of essential amino acids, in comparison with other plant protein sources.

The saying “We are what we eat” makes sense if we talk about the physical and mental wellbeing. Nutrients such as iron, selenium and vitamin B12 are nutrients that we find in meat/pork, and its exclusion in the diet could lead to a lack in these nutrients.

In particular, vitamin B12 (or cobalamin) has been the object of several research studies because of the neuropsychiatric symptoms associated to its deficit [1].

The proteins provided by pork are characterised by their high biological quality, as well as by their excellent availability and accessibility.

A varied and balanced diet that includes all the food groups, including meat/pork, will supply us with all the nutrients we need.


The benefits of Duroc pork 

Duroc pork shows a high protein and vitamin index that is much higher than that of conventional meat/pork.

It is also much valued because of its high fat infiltration (marbling) score. It is characterised by a more intense flavour, and by its dark pink colour, juiciness and characteristic aroma.

Its meat is similar to that of the Iberian pig regarding its nutritional and organoleptic values, but it contains less fat.

It is a healthy and suitable food for all the family because it contains minerals such as zinc, phosphorous, potassium, iron and selenium, that are very important regarding different physiological, nutritional and antioxidant features.

It stands out because of its high biological value given that it provides the greatest part of essential amino acids such as arginine, and elastin and collagen. It is also characterised by its content in B vitamins, such as vitamins B1, B3, B6 and B12.


carne cerdo ach 



Chico Duroc 

At ACH, our passion is the Duroc pig. We have been specialists in this breed for more than 20 years.

Our fresh Duroc pork cuts guarantee the maximum quality thanks to the special and meticulous feeding of our animals, mainly based on first-quality cereals from the Castilian meseta: barley, wheat and maize with which we produce feed without additives for our Duroc and Iberian pigs.

Hermanos Chico Galindo and its seal of quality Chico Duroc certify the best Duroc fresh pork cuts from unique animals that live in optimal conditions.


We recommend you to eat pork due to its great gastronomic value and its high nutrient and protein density with important benefits for the human development. It is an essential food in balanced diets.


lomo de cerdo duroc agroalimentaria chico



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